Mum and Dad had chosen a house to buy in the previous (Autumn 1960) half term (4 Branksome Close). We both started at Colman Junior school. Bill moved on in September 1963 to Norwich School, at the same time as me. Bill "developed" his photography interests during his teenage years, in between playing tennis with our neighbours. We were lucky enough to have a room at the top of the house which we could convert into a darkroom (or use as a photographic studio). Bill always had a better eye for pictures than I did, and was better at playing tennis! He told me recently that he had done quite well at running in school, but had never really been encouraged to take it up seriously. Running was seen as something to be done when (on games afternoons - every Tuesday and Thursday) it was too wet to play Rugby, Hockey or Cricket - not a 'serious' sport as such. Bill studied both geology and botany in the sixth form. He decided to study Botany at Exeter. His good friend Jeremy Goff (they stayed in contact all Bill's life, and Bill was godfather to one of Jeremy and Femellas' children) decided to do Geology. Exeter University