Early years
Mum (PE) and Dad (Chemistry) met while they were both lecturing at Alsager Teacher Training College, Cheshire.

Bill was born in 1954, just before we all moved (in August) to Northallerton, North Riding of Yorkshire where Dad had accepted a job as School Inspector. We lived just 200yds down Racecourse Lane.

Bill started at Romanby County Primary School in 1959, just one mile from home. The school consisted of a new part (first two and last two years) and an old part (about half a mile away) with the two years in between.

Mum returned to teaching PE (at Northallerton Grammar School) at about this time.

We lived on the corner with Broomfield Avenue, which had a field behind the houses on the East side (ideal for playing in, until it was built on in around 1960), and at the end of which were more fields which formed a superb playing area (or building site!), especially when Almond Grove was built at around the same time.

We both shared a secondhand red tricycle before getting bicycles for Christmas, probably in 1960.

Our next-door-neighbours, the Carters', moved to Almond Grove at some point.

Dad always reckoned the best 25 he ever spent was in having the house painted just before we moved.

We left the house on 25 January 1961, so Dad could start as Chief Inspector of Schools in Norfolk.